2021 Ropeless Consortium Annual Meeting
Virtual Meeting

Additional information on the 2021 Ropeless Consortium Meeting can be found HERE

Registration Details:
Registration fee: $40
Please note that registration for the Annual Ropeless Consortium Meeting is separate from that of the North Atlantic Right Whale Annual Meeting. 

Registration closes on October 5, 2021. Registration is non-refundable.

Registration fees pre-meeting access to all recorded presentations, Q&A sessions with presenter panelists, breakout sessions organized by topic/interest.


The Ropeless Consortium meeting is closed to members of the media. While we respect and appreciate the importance of media on right whale issues, many of the presentations are of works in progress that are being shared in confidence among colleagues. It would be detrimental to the study, the researchers, and the whales if the results of work in progress appeared in the media prior to their publication in a scientific journal. The meeting represents a forum for free exchange of information and ideas between fishermen and associations, scientists and conservationists from academia, governments and NGOs. If there were media present, this open discussion would not be possible for some participants. We are willing to provide contact information of experts in the field to the media for direct contact outside the context of this meeting. We appreciate your understanding.

Should you need further information on the registration process, please contact Heather Pettis 

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(ticket purchase required)
(ticket purchase required)